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Famous Last Words

Here you can find a list of the "famous last words" that the players, who have participated in the death-stories survey, have so far submitted!

"Let me try something. I think I can get this guy without aggroing the rest."
"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to party wipes".
"Pfffft, its only a single Alb" (DAoC)
Usually in Star Wars Galaxies it switches between: "Ive got a bad feeling about this..." to simply "uh-oh"
"I will never do that again."
"Give me back my underwear!!!" (CoH)
"Dont trust anyone... unless you know them in real life and you can beat them up!"
"OK, but just remember, the cemetery's right over there......"(WoW)
"I shall return once again !"
"What the hell are you doing!?!?"

"OMG, I'm alive!"

"Oh come on, It's just a gnome!" (WoW)
Party Member 1- "guys...i just heard a "poof"; there might be someone stealthewwwwwwwwwwwww2223323"
Party Member 2-"roge bhind u!"
You have died.
Party Member 1-" ... "
Party member 2 has died.
Party Member 2-" i lagged :( "
"Oh shi.".
. "Ok, the Generator and Spawns are down, it's pretty quiet here, this should be an easy Genhold so long as they don't bring any Galaxies..." (Planetside)
"I can pull as a wizard"
"I regret nothing!"
"Dark Jedi, thats tough right?"
I wonder where my home point is?
OOOooooOOoo (UO)
"What's a Hogger? I'll go talk to him."